CH Boxer Rescue


Why Foster For CHBR

CH Boxer Rescue is an all-volunteer based rescue. We do not have a central facility of any kind for the dogs we save. Our dogs are saved because we have people like you who apply to open their homes to CHBR dogs. CHBR covers all costs of vetting and all of the expenses related to the health and well-being of our dogs while they’re in our home.
All we ask from you is that you provide a safe and loving place for our dogs to begin their journey in rescue through your foster until adoption. 
We do ask all the potential fosters to complete both a foster agreement and an adoption application

Guidelines for Foster Homes

This document serves as a guideline for all volunteer foster homes. The foster home is the most important volunteer position, as without them our rescue efforts would not be possible. We understand other commitments may come first, however, if you volunteer to foster, we are expecting you to foster until the animal is adopted. If you are not able to foster until adoption, please provide ample notice so we are able to find another foster home. We do not allow foster homes to adopt their first 2 foster animals. The pet you are fostering is safe and by you adopting the pet to a new home, this allows us to rescue another that is in jeopardy of being euthanized.

Since most of our fosters are pulled directly from shelters, it is recommended that you keep your fosters separated from your own animals until you ensure they are healthy. CHBR shall not be held responsible in the event your own animals contract anything from your foster animal. It is recommended that you clean up fecal matter right away in the event the puppy has parasites, common in most foster animals. They are treated with de-wormer when pulled CHBR from shelters.

Caring for your Foster pet

• Since most rescued animals are puppies who are not fully vaccinated, it is imperative that you do not leash your puppy and take for walks around the neighborhood, pet stores, dog parks or other public areas where they may catch something should not be brought to adoption day unless they have two sets of shots with the second shot having been administered at least two weeks prior to the adoption day.

• At adoption day the puppy should remain in a crate and should not be allowed to walk on the ground. Under no circumstances should anyone besides an authorized volunteer be allowed to take a puppy out of the crate.

When you receive your foster pet they will have already received their DHLPP shot and have been de-wormed. It is the responsibility of the foster to ensure their pet is up to date on all shots. The foster should alert CHBR when their next vaccination is due or if they notice anything unusual about their foster puppy. One of our experienced volunteers will train you on the vaccination schedules.

• Foster puppies should be properly monitored. Please alert us immediately if the fecal is runny or bloody. It should be solid for a normal healthy puppy. If the puppy appears lethargic or is not eating, it is imperative that you alert us immediately. All puppies should be eating, drinking water and playing. If you notice anything that is not normal, please contact us,

• In the event of an emergency, please contact CHBR for approval to bring your foster to one of our approved veterinarians. We never deny any foster animal proper care however, approval is necessary in order to defray our costs.

Please understand you are taking on full responsibility for the foster dog. CHBR will not be held liable for personal injury to you, family, friends or strangers.  CHBR will not be held liable for any illness or injury caused by a foster dog to your personal pets. CHBR will not be held liable for any destruction to your home, car or other personal or public space.

It’s important for your own pet to be up to date on all vaccines, including flu and Bordetella. Please remember Bordetella is a 6-month vaccine. CHBR may be able to help you boost this vaccine. Please contact administration for more info.  Thank you for helping a homeless dog in need.

To begin the fostering process and open your heart to a furry companion, please fill out our adoption application form.

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