CH Boxer Rescue

We just got Odin’s sister Freya!

You remember little Odin. He came to us a few days ago with gaping, oozing wounds on his neck. At roughly 10 months old, they didn’t sell and Odin developed a medical issue that needed our immediate attention, meanwhile Freya was left behind.    We had a feeling we’d get the call to come back for his sister who was taking up space and costing them money to feed. The farmer is going on a trip to Florida and while leaving her alone in the barn  was an option, she was starting to cramp their style. These 2 dogs are products of an Amish puppy mill in PA. No doubt the breeder will have many more litters in the springtime when sales pick up again and they return from their Florida vacation. And while these babies are safe in rescue, we will continue to educate the public on puppy mills and pet store. Freya will be updated on all veterinary care and will be spayed within the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for updates!