CH Boxer Rescue

When you buy a puppy on-line, chances are you are supporting a puppy mill, the same type of place with egregious disregard for animal welfare as our latest save came from. Meet Odin, who was just picked up from a puppy mill in Lancaster County, PA.

He had no name, and we only knew he was 10 months old. We quickly viewed a short video of his condition and living quarters, and knew we needed to get him right away. He came from a puppy mill with a gaping facial wound that he sustained somehow, wouldn’t heal and he couldn’t be sold. Rather than take him to a veterinarian for care, he was left like this for weeks, maybe longer. The farmer didn’t want to spend money on him even after he made thousands of dollars selling his litter mates to homes or pet stores.

Believe it or not folks, the puppy mills are the feeder system for most pet stores, as well as unscrupulous breeders. We are now at the veterinary clinic awaiting a full evaluation, but we know we are going to need your help. We’ve been inundated by costly medical cases these past few weeks, and Odin most likely will not be an exception.

Please consider making a donation or spread the word to give us the ability to provide Odin with the best care! He may have arrived to CHBR with no name, but now he has a name, as well as something more powerful, a strong boxer loving community who will rally around him for whatever he may need.