CH Boxer Rescue


Rosanna might be the happiest girl in existence! We don’t know how or why, but a life of captivity in a puppy mill didn’t dull her spirits. She is like a bull in a china shop, but a joyous happy boxer! Rosanna loves other dogs and wants as much human attention as possible. She doesn’t mind the crate at all, in fact she is as quiet as a mouse. She will need some work with leash walking, and is very strong! She still hasn’t mastered the stairs, but we are working on it. Her tongue is extra long and sometimes hangs out of her mouth, but it is what makes her unique and fab! It is entirely cosmetic and doesn’t affect in the slightest. Good with dogs Good with children No cats
  • Age – 3
  • Sex – Female
  • Breed – Boxer
  • Good with kids
  • Can be placed with a male dog
  • No cats