CH Boxer Rescue

Meet our Christmas miracle Rose, who was saved by her own Christmas miracles while sedated on the euthanasia table. Those miracles – her newborn pups!

Rose was surrendered to a high kill shelter by a family who simply didn’t want her any longer. Forgotten and unclaimed, she was marked for euthanasia. In her most dire moment, already on the table with catheters placed and sedatives administered, ready to be euthanized, an unexpected miracle occurred.
As Rose lay there, teetering on the brink of the end, she went into labor. This incredible turn of events halted the procedure, and her life, along with her unborn puppies, was spared in those critical moments. 🐶
We contacted by the shelter and they wanted Rose and her puppies out immediately, even more heartbreaking was that she still had the needles in her veins when they dragged her out to our volunteers car. Now, Rose and her puppies are safe under our care, but this is where the hard work begins.🙏 We urgently need your help to provide Rose and her newborn puppies with the care and nurturing they desperately require. Every donation will contribute to: Essential veterinary care and monitoring for Rose and her puppies. Nutritious food and supplements for their recovery, and a safe and comfortable environment for their rehabilitation.
We humbly ask you to consider making a donation, or simply spread the word about the great work CHBR is doing. Your generosity ensures that Rose, and many others like her, get every chance they deserve.  Rose will become available for adoption once the puppies are weened in February 2024.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for always standing by us! 💙

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